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Re: What are the basics of networking?

Date: Thu Jun 1 22:50:26 2000
Posted By: Camilo Ernesto Mendoza Huezo, Grad student, Computer Science, Universidad Autonoma de Baja California - Ensenada
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 957636967.Cs

I wish you luck on your course, these links will help; they have general 
information about networking and there's a lot of information about networks 
on the web but these pages I find are very good at explaining the concepts.


  • you will find a lot of information for protocols; it has a great selection of links, forums, etc.; very informative
  • enough said
  • TechFest's Networking page.
  • A large collection of communication tutorials may be found at IOL's training page, which has links to materials on TCP/IP, LAN technologies, programming & administrations manuals, and more.


  • Network Analysis and Troubleshooting, Haugdahl, J. Scott and Addison Wesley, 1999. ISBN 0-201-43319-2. This comprehensive book provides the latest protocol information and troubleshooting strategies to help you keep your network running at peak performance. You will find essential information on such topics as: -Wiring and cable testing issues -Transmission encoding techniques -Dissecting the IEEE 48-bit MAC address -The impact of different types of broadcast traffic -Operational details and analysis considerations for switches -Ethernet and Token Ring operational details and analysis -The IEEE 802.2 LLC protocol -Datagrams and routing -IP specifics, including addressing, subnets, and the role of ICMP -IPX operation and analysis -UDP, TCP, SPX, and SPX II protocol analysis -How different protocols find resources via NetBIOS, SAP, and DNS -Logon sequencing for various protocol stacks -DHCP, SMB, NCP, NFS, FTP, HTTP, and NT Browse protocol analysis and troubleshooting -Baselining throughput and latency, including understanding the "latency wedge"
  • Computer Networks (Recommended: I used this one) By Andrew S. Tanenbaum Published by Prentice-Hall. ISBN 0133499456 A very good book about computer communications basics. Describes communications according to the OSI seven layers model, but includes information about TCP/IP and IPv6.
  • TCP/IP Network Administration By Craig Hunt Published by O'Reilly SBN 1565923227 An excellent book about management of TCP/IP networks, covering every subject that needed, including DNS, routing, sendmail, configuring, and trouble-shooting. This book is UNIX oriented.

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