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Re: Can mosquitoes lay eggs under the human skin?

Date: Thu Jun 1 13:34:44 2000
Posted By: Jurgen Ziesmann, Admin, MadSci Network
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 959032320.Zo

Dear Lisa

very clear answer. No! Never!
They do draw blood from your skin, that they need for the development of their 
eggs. But there is no mosquito species that lays eggs into or even onto your 
skin. All mosquitoes lay their eggs into water or at least very moist areas of 

There are other insects  that lay eggs into human or more likely animal skin.
These belong also to the Diptera (as do the mosquitoes) but to a different group 
named Brachycera. Best known here are the Oestridae (egg into nose) and 
Hypoderminae (eggs onto skin). In both cases the larvae live on the skin tissues 
and might cause the death of the host.

For more information on mosquitoes just do a search on the terms diptera, 
You will find some reliable links on  diptera  here.

For more information on those other species search for the given group names and 
for parasites + diptera.
One example for the lifecyle of such a parasite  can be found here.

Hope that helps
Jurgen Ziesmann

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