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Subject: More questions on melanin drugs for tanning

Date: Thu May 11 13:16:06 2000
Posted by Michael Zehnpfennig
Grade level: undergrad School: Western Michigan University
City: Kalamazoo State/Province: MI Country: US
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 958065366.Me

In an earlier post, Lee Eddler asked about melanin drugs for tanning.  I 
understand and agree with the response completely - prescription drugs are 
not only dangerous, but illegal to take without a prescription.  However, 
there are companies that advertise supplements for the body's production 
of melanin and argue that the diet of the avg. US citizen does not include 
enough of the nutrients to produce sufficient quantities of melanin.  Are 
such supplements safe?  If so, would they help to increase the body's 
production of melanin?  Lastly, I am an undergrad student in my senior 
year of a bio-med sciences major, and I would greatly appreciate any links 
to sites about the organic chemical structure of melanin if such sites 

Re: More questions on melanin drugs for tanning

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