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Subject: What type of insect lays eggs in honeycombs?

Date: Fri May 26 22:16:57 2000
Posted by Nelson Macauley
Grade level: School: No school entered.
City: Winnipeg State/Province: Manitoba Country: Canada
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 959393817.Zo

I have hundreds of what appear to be miniature honeycombs all over the 
stucco of my house.  They are grey in colour and are about 30-50 in 
area, and less than 1mm thick.  I believe they probably contained some 
form of larvae at one time, as most of the cells appear to have no top 
covering.  They seem to be stuck with some form of adhesion, as a hose has 
a difficult time blasting them loose.  

Re: What type of insect lays eggs in honeycombs?

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