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Subject: Is it possible to draw electric power directly from solar winds?

Date: Sun Jun 11 08:52:55 2000
Posted by Gaby Mazzawi
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City: Tel-Aviv State/Province: No state entered. Country: Israel
Area of science: Physics
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I have seen a few interesting sites about solar winds causing auroras, a 
phenomena that can be reproduced artificially when particles are ejected 
into a magnetic field. I did not find one important bit of information to 
make things clearer: I know that a magnetic field diverts moving charged 
particles, and opposite charges are diverted in opposite directions. Does 
that mean that the Aurora Borealis (Northern) and the Australis (Southern) 
are caused, one by electrons and one by protons? If yes, there is a 
possibility to build a strong and light magnet aboard a spacecraft: it 
will separate moving particles of opposite charges and will behave more 
like a "Solar-powered battery". Not to mention, of-course, this will act 
just like the Earth's magnetosphere and will protect the astronauts from 
the solar wind! The question remaining: How much power can this "Battery" 

Re: Is it possible to draw electric power directly from solar winds?

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