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Re: how a web browser really works?

Date: Sun Jun 18 21:42:57 2000
Posted By: Kuncoro Wastuwibowo, Staff, Telecommunication, Network Engineering Inc
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 961172983.Cs

here's the basic technique :
1. the web browser on client side requests for a web content by sending a 
http protocol to the web server
2. the server receives the request, then sending the specified or the 
default document to the client. the technology used here is almost the same 
as ftp protocol.
3. as a part of web technology, the document sent could link to other 
documents (picture, sound, etc).
4. the web browser has a configuration to recognize the type of file it 
receives. therefore it can visualize text file as text, hypertext file as 
text with attibutes, image files as images, etc

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