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Re: would nitrogen gas be safely effective against a coal mine fire?

Date: Fri Apr 21 17:15:44 2000
Posted By: Donald E Duggan, Undergraduate, Astronomy/physics - fire science, just plain ol' home
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 955749828.Ch

my dear,

Nitrogen is good supporter of some types of metal but just for the sake of putting out a fire, I would Never use it. One very common metal it will burn profusely is aluminum. My expertise is in structural and ordinary combustibles.

Halon, in any of its forms, would give you a super good shot although an expensive one. CO2 would work but you wouldn't want to use it if you still had men trapped and thought to be alive, same with any of the halons. If there is brave life still alive, send them lines of firefighting quality and some airpacks and let them have the best they can at least until they can get out.

Always keep in mind that if there is anyone alive down there in that mine, any thing you put down there will most likely push there precious oxygen out of there way, rendering them dead in 4-6 minutes. However, if all got out safely, just fill the damn thing with good ole H2O for a week or two. Sure won't hurt any one than way and it is much cheaper than ANY other options.

thanks for the question

Donald E Duggan Fire Captain, K.C.,Mo.

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