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Subject: what does drinking do to memory

Date: Mon Jun 19 01:53:52 2000
Posted by John Daleaver
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Area of science: Neuroscience
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I've heard some things about how your mind has stored everything you've 
seen in your whole life, and it's just we can't recall it.  But how does 
memory work (that's an easy question to answer in a few words) and how 
does drinking affect it.  I mean, when you get completely drunk all day 
and for that day your short-term's not much more than 2 seconds and the 
next day it's a blur and you really can't recall much of anything, even 
who was sitting where at the picnic table where you ate dinner at a 
friend's BBQ, is that just a temporary clouding or is your ability to 
record that information inhibited somehow.

Re: what does drinking do to memory

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