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Re: Why aren't fireflys (lightning bugs) found west of kansas?

Date: Fri Jun 23 09:32:21 2000
Posted By: Danise Coar, Staff, Research, Development and Engineering, Philip Morris USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 961404535.Zo

Fireflies are not flies but actually beetles. They are pretty unique because they can produce light. It is also true that both the adults and the larvae can produce light. The different types of fireflies can be identified in flight by the number of flashes and their duration. Females are wingless and do not fly and are commonly called "glowworms". Fireflies feed on other insects and also on each other. It is unknown why they are not found in the western part of the US even though they are found in many other location of the world. Please follow the link below for more interesting facts on fireflies. blue underline d text References: 1.) A Manual of Common Beetles of Eastern North America. 1972. Elizabeth Dillon and Lawrence Dillon. 2.) An Introduction to the Study of Insects. 1981. Donald Borror, Dwight DeLong and Charles Tripplehorn.

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