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Re: is it possible for two blue-eyed parents to have a green eyed child

Date: Sun Jun 18 14:56:37 2000
Posted By: Steve Marvell, Independent Researcher
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 960516608.Ge

I will try my best to explain this in a non-biology way. If this needs
expanding, let me know.

From my research into this topic, it would appear that it is not possible
for two blue eyes parents to have a green eyed child, except, that is, in
the case of a mutation which has caused the child to "break the rules".

It is also possible that there are, in fact, many more genes involved and
that green eyes can lay dormant and shock us when they appear. If one, or
both, of the parents have "bluey green" eyes, then this is what may be
goingn on.

Here is what most scientists think at this time.

Eye colour is managed by two gene, these being the bey2 and gey genes. The
bey2 gene is concerned with brown and blue and the gey gene is concerned
with blue and green.

In order for somone to have blue eyes, both copies of both of these genes
must show, there will be no trace of brown eye or green eye genetic
material in person's chromosomes.

If both parents have blue eyes, then there is no way for any genetic
material for brown or green eyes to be passed to their children. So all
children will have blue eyes.

So, in summary, it is generally considred impossible for parents with blue
eyes to have anything but blue eyed children.
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