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Subject: without the order in complexity would physical matter exist?

Date: Sun May 14 21:32:41 2000
Posted by mr.arthurs
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in a booklet that went with a tv show about complexity,EQUINOX,shown on 
channel 4,it was stated that without order there would be no life as the 
nutrients and other stuff that make up bodies would all be milling around 
in a formless the order being talked about in complexity of the 
same nature as the order seen in atoms and molecules individually,and if 
so would they exist without it?
i am not a student or scientist(as you can probably tell)and the reason i 
am asking is because if the principle of order is the same it might raise 
some interesting philosophical questions about the difference between 
i apologise in advance if this is just a major misunderstanding on my part.

Re: without the order in complexity would physical matter exist?

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