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Re: how can ions balance particles in the nervous system, and why would this pr

Date: Sun Jun 25 01:16:06 2000
Posted By: Peter Simpson, Staff, Neuroscience, Merck Sharp & Dohme
Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 961467156.Ns
Message: a scientist I look for answers to questions that are rational and
work within what we know of the physical world, particularly in my case the
nervous system. I have no experimental or experiential knowledge of the
bracelets you refer to so I can only comment on this more generally. It is
hard for me personally to think of a rational way products such as QRAY
might work. The manufacturers state that

      'Neither Q-Ray nor its independent
      distributors make any claim that our
     product is intended to prevent, cure,
      mitigate, treat, or diagnose disease.'

People with chronic pain which is not well treated by pharmacological means
may end up trying various things. Some people may find wearing a bracelet
appears to help them. One might argue that any benefit they get from
approaches such as bracelets is due to 'placebo' effect - which means if you
believe something is beneficial, your perception of your condition, or even 
in some cases your condition itself, may improve. I suppose also that if one
is concerned about the safety of wearing a bracelet, one may get a reverse
placebo effect, such that an increase in pain and or muscle tightening would
be felt (even if the bracelet itself is doing nothing!). In all likelihood a
metal bracelet is perfectly safe, it just might be not a great way to spend
money. My own thought is that wearing any metal bracelet should be mainly
for decoration not therapy, and should really not be relied upon for
medical purposes.


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