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Re: Will I damage my LP records if I clean them with ISO propyl alcohol?

Date: Tue Jun 27 14:47:07 2000
Posted By: Dan Berger, Faculty Chemistry/Science, Bluffton College
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 961374091.Ch

I am not sure whether rubbing alcohol will have any effect. Certainly there is 
the danger of leaching plasticizers from the LPs and making them brittle. 
Commercial cleaning solutions (such as from Discwasher) don't have the odor of 
alcohol and are likely to be little more than water; the water provides the 
lubricant to prevent dust scratches, while the soft cloth picks up the dust. 

The water also helps clean the record in the same way that wetting a soft cloth
allows it to pick up dust from your furniture better.

Dan Berger

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