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Subject: what is the elemental composition of the human body ?

Date: Sun Jun 25 23:42:29 2000
Posted by jerry draws
Grade level: nonaligned School: n/a (retired)
City: omro State/Province: wi Country: usa
Area of science: Biochemistry
ID: 961990949.Bc

I am a volunteer at a local museum.  I am cataloguing meteorites at the 
present time.  In the future I plan to give a talk about this collection.  
I am fascinated by the thought of their being "stardust", and everything we 
know of has this common source.  As unique as a human believes he is he too 
is "stardust".  Therefore, if an average human body would be broken down 
into its most basic elements and they were then compressed or melted into a 
single mass how much would it weigh, what would its approximate size be, 
and which common mineral or rock would it most closely resemble?
The children and adults that I plan to share this information with will be 
amazed and perhaps a bit humbled.
Thank you for your time and attention to my question.

Re: what is the elemental composition of the human body ?

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