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Subject: Which 'cleans' better w/Anti-bacterial soap, hot or cold water?

Date: Tue May 2 18:29:58 2000
Posted by Chris Malinowski
Grade level: undergrad School: Drexel University Class of '91
City: Blandon State/Province: PA Country: USA
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 957310198.Mi

As "Mom" always said, "Make sure you wash with hot water!"  Is this an old 
wive's tale?  My wife insists it's not!  Yes, I know, detergents dissolve 
easier in hot water, but for washing hands or washing dishes, it seems to 
me that it's the anti-bacterial soap that does the work in killing the 
germs. I can't see why the temperature would make a difference and I'm 
tired I scalding my hands to wash the dishes every night!

Re: Which 'cleans' better w/Anti-bacterial soap, hot or cold water?

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