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Re: Is there somthing to culture house fly larvea in besides rotten food?

Date: Mon Jun 26 09:02:22 2000
Posted By: Danise Coar, Staff, Research, Development and Engineering, Philip Morris USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 961647989.Zo

I suggest that you try rearing fruit flies instead of houseflies as food for your tropical fish. Kits including artifical rearing media are readily available for fruit flies. The sites listed below offer both culturing materials (bottles, stoppers, etc.) as well as live flies. Carolina Biological Supply even has a strain of of flightless fruit flies. Carolina Biological Supply also sells kits to rear mealworm larvae (they are actually beetles)which are also great food for fish.

This address is for Carolina Biological Supply. Go to their site and search the online catalog for flightless fruit flies.

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