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Subject: What would happen when if the Sun just Disappeared?

Date: Thu Jun 29 04:50:22 2000
Posted by Luke Batt
Grade level: grad (science) School: Whakatane High School
City: Whakatane State/Province: Eastern Bay of Plenty Country: New Zealand
Area of science: Physics
ID: 962268622.Ph

Inertia is what pushes us to the opposite side as to a car turning a 
corner. The Earth is moving at 1000000000miles/hr around the sun, ina 
circle. If the sun was to just disappear and earth suddenly just stand 
- would everyone on earth keep heading in the direction that the earth was 
- would the earth just keep going forward in the direction it was going 
when the sun disapeard?
- or would the gravitational field of the earth spining on it's axis 
provide enough gravity to keep everyone still on earth, but the earth - 
stays still?
           - keeps going in the same direction as it was heading when the 
sun disappeared?

Re: What would happen when if the Sun just Disappeared?

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