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Re: Why do women develop the urgent desire to have babies when men seem not to?

Date: Wed Jul 5 08:59:02 2000
Posted By: Kevin Kolb, Undergraduate, Physical Science, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
Area of science: Medicine
ID: 959196950.Me

This is not in my field, but I'm going to take a crack at it anyway. Men 
may not brood like a woman does, but I believe that they do desire to 
father children. I believe that starting at puberty men strongly desire to 
father children. However, they do not have nearly as strong a desire to 
take care of and raise the children as women do. They are kept 
around by the desire to ensure that their genes are passed on by 
taking care of their children.  Women also do not advertise when they 
are ovulating like in other species, so it is in the man's best interest 
to stick around so that no one else impregnates his partner. The pair 
bond formed with his mate is another reason he stays around. 
Women have high voices which help elicit the protective male 
response as if she were a child. Also men are able to father children 
all of their adult lives, but when have a limited number of fertile years. 
Perhaps brooding is your body's way of saying hurry up, you don't 
have much time. 

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