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Subject: Can Queen ants communicate with their colony and how?

Date: Wed Jun 28 05:36:38 2000
Posted by Ben Bromley
Grade level: 10-12 School: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School
City: Faversham State/Province: Kent Country: England
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 962184998.Zo

I was thinking of researching ants as a hobby and I was wondering if and 
how the Queen can communicate with her colony even if they cannot directly 
see her. I was thinking  of setting up two mazes, one with a "trapped" 
queen at the end and one with nothing and seeing how long it takes the 
colony to get there. If it's quicker with the queen there she must be 
calling them possibly through sound or smell. However, I need to know if 
this has a chance of working before I set it all up. 
Thank you, 

Re: Can Queen ants communicate with their colony and how?

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