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Re: VRD - physics of butterfly wings

Date: Tue Jul 18 00:06:12 2000
Posted By: Sidney Chivers, , Nuclear Engineering, retired
Area of science: physics
ID: 961187264.Ph

I went on the web to see what I could find and there is not a lot on the 
butterfly.  The current excitement is about insects with more rapid wing 
rotation than is characteristic of butterflies.

------------------------- There are loads of web references on the physics of insect flight, though I couldn?t find any specifically about butterfly flight. For references in my search I used +flight +physics +insect Using +butterfly +flight got me nothing.
The apparent hot item in insect flight is robofly, designed to mimic wing movements of a fruit fly.
And other references. The following book reviews were found.
The following may be deeper than what you had in mind and is similar to the first reference.

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