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Re: Why look at greens is good for our eyes?

Date: Tue Jul 18 13:20:15 2000
Posted By: James Clack, Faculty, Biology, Indian Univ - Purdue Univ
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 963334633.Gb

I'm sorry, but looking at green colors is no better for your eyes than 
looking at any other color.  In fact, to your eyes, any given color of 
light is still only light.  Some cells in the back of your eye respond 
only to green light, some only to blue light, and some only to red.  
However, there is no known benefit for your eyes in looking at the color 

There are "colors" of light that are harmful to your eyes.  Ultraviolet 
light (a deep purple that you cannot see) is harmful because it causes 
cataracts in the lenses (the clear part in the middle of your eye that 
focuses light).  Infrared light (deep red light that you cannot see) can 
also be harmful because it is really heat!  Long exposures to high heat 
levels can also harm your corneas and lenses.

James Clack
Indiana Univ - Purdue Univ

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