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Subject: Can we succesfully control diabetes with encapsulated beta-cells?

Date: Mon Jul 17 22:08:44 2000
Posted by Peter Munro
Grade level: grad (science) School: University of Queensland
City: Brisbane State/Province: QLD Country: Australia
Area of science: Cell Biology
ID: 963886124.Cb

I have been recently employed as a chemist on a  project aiming to coat 
pancreatic beta-cells with alginate + poly-lysine coats.  I understand that 
this has been successfully done by others, such as Calafiore's group in 
Italy.  The key word in my question is "succesfully".   Calafiore claims 
the diabetic dogs with the encapsulated beta-cells had normal blood glucose 
levels for 100 days.  So what are the problems?  Haven't they developed a 
successful product?   

Re: Can we succesfully control diabetes with encapsulated beta-cells?

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