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Subject: Is it scientifically valid and/or useful to map the

Date: Tue Jul 11 04:10:47 2000
Posted by Ed Jocelyn
Grade level: nonaligned School: China International Business
City: Beijing State/Province: Beijing Country: China
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 963303047.Ge

I ask this question as a result of an interview with a Chinese researcher 
involved in the Chinese contribution to the Human Genome Project. He 
claimed that the international project only mapped the genome for "white 
people" and therefore it was necessary for China to conduct its own gene 
sequencing project, for which his lab was seeking US$400 million in 
funding. This struck me as a piece of pseudo-scientific racism, but I 
lacked the knowledge to challenge him about it. I hope you can help me.

Re: Is it scientifically valid and/or useful to map the

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