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Subject: Types of sensory nerves inhibitors

Date: Mon Jun 26 01:08:33 2000
Posted by The Insane One
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Area of science: Neuroscience
ID: 961996113.Ns

I was wondering about what types of drugs/chemicals can be used to inhibit 
the transmission of sensory nerves only, and not effect any nerves 
involved with heart rate, respiration, digestive and such.  I suppose 
these drugs would affect the somatosensory cortex of the brain.  I know 
there are some drugs/chemicals that are derived or extracted from plants 
or animals that if used in proper amounts, will not affect nerves of large 
diameters.  I was uncertained if there was anything that would not affect 
sensory nerves instead.  Also was wondering what side-effects they have 
such as being permanent, or damaging to the nerves or other cells in the 
body.  I respect to sensory nerves I mean any nerves involved in the five 
senses of the body.  Thanks for any help, also any resources are welcome.

Re: Types of sensory nerves inhibitors

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