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Re: How are cellulose sponges made and why do pop-up sponges hold more?

Date: Tue Jul 25 10:03:56 2000
Posted By: Jerry McCormick, Staff, Chemistry, Independent Consultant
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 948990457.Eg

Sorry, I don't know the details of the method by which cellulose sponges are 
made, other than they are made by regeneration of cellulose from a derivative 
(presumably cellulose xanthate), and that the holes are made by carring out the 
regeneration in the presence of coarse sodium sulfate which is then leached out 
by water.  I'm not familiar with the term "Pop up".

Moderator's note:
Also, sponges are manufactured in huge blocks the size of a Volkswagen, then cut 
down to size. You should try the following resources for more information:
Patent search for O-Celo or cellulose sponge
Literature search for Gerard Murray, inventor of cellulose sponge in 1946-ish
Contact major manufacturers like 3M or DuPont for more information

Good luck!

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