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Subject: Is it possible for you to mix my culture?

Date: Thu Jul 13 23:52:20 2000
Posted by Shade Aboyade-Cole
Grade level: 7-9 School: Greenwood Lakes High School
City: Longwood State/Province: Florida(FL) Country: U.S.A
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 963546740.Ge

 Dear Scientist,
What I mean by this question is it possible for me to be of another 
culture that I was not born into? For Example I am 1/8 indian and the rest 
Black is it possible scientifically for me to Be 1/2 Latin,white, or any 
type of culture. Like when a person dies can u take their genes or their 
culture genes and insert them into another being? If so I would like to be 
the first human tester. Is it Possible?

Re: Is it possible for you to mix my culture?

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