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Subject: spacecraft with Artificial Gravity?

Date: Fri Jul 28 02:37:11 2000
Posted by Ray Found
Grade level: 10-12 School: Riverside Poly High
City: Riverside State/Province: California Country: USA
Area of science: Physics
ID: 964766231.Ph

the first part of This question is old, I have heard of it other places, 
but have never been given a good answer as to why it is not done.

1)If a cylindrical spacecraft were put into space and spun along its 
vertical axis, at the correct velocity corresponding to a centrifical 
acceleration along the inner walls equal to approximately 10 m/s^2

(the walls would have an acceleration inward roughly equal to the downward 
acceleration on earth known as gravity)

If the inner walls of the cylinder were the "ground" in the spacecraft, 
would the astronaughts inside experience "gravity" in the spacecraft?

2) to start, let us say this is possible, which it is for a limited amount 
of time.
if a spacecraft were to accelerate constantly at 10 m/s^2 , could gravity 
be experienced towards the "back" of the ship?

3)would it be possible to convert the first property into an amusement 
park ride, not un similar to the "spinning UFO" or whatever it is. but one 
that would create a faux gravitational force outward, so you could get up 
and walk around on the ride, feeling normal, but being horizontal. ( or 
perhaps at a 45degree angle)

thank you 
PS how can you type the little degree sybol on the computer?

Re: spacecraft with Artificial Gravity?

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