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Re: I am looking for a way to detect low carbon galvanized steel

Date: Mon Jul 31 22:17:43 2000
Posted By: Bob Gibilisco, Staff, Process Engineering, Retired
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 961905262.Eg

I will make an assumption that you are trying to detect the presence of
galvanized plating on cold rolled steel during the rolling process ("on the
One consideration is a resistivity test. Zinc used in the galvanizing 
is approximately half the resistivity value of carbon steel. However, the
quality of any detection method is directly related to the surface 
of the steel. You may want to try  steel wool wipers used as a cleaning 

Another method is exposing the steel to the outside environment until the 
rolled steel starts to oxidize. The galvanized sections will not.

I hope the may give you some ideas.

Reference: "Electrical Resistivity of Materials"

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