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Subject: Mayonaise and Food Poisoning

Date: Wed Jul 12 13:12:31 2000
Posted by Steven Whiting
Grade level: nonaligned School: Hard Knocks
City: Hendersonville State/Province: TN Country: USA
Area of science: Microbiology
ID: 963421951.Mi

My wife and I are haveing a disagreementinvolving mayonaise and food 
poisoning.  I contend that it is a 'myth' or 'wives tale' that mayonaise 
is a common culprit in food poisoning cases.  In fact, I am saying that 
mayonaise contains a chemical that actually INHIBITS the growth of micro-
organisms.  What is the relationship between mayonaise and food poisoning?

Thank you for your assistance.

Steven & Lindy Whiting

Re: Mayonaise and Food Poisoning

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