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Subject: how does ratio of age of sexual maturity / lifespan vary across species?

Date: Sat Jul 8 18:34:28 2000
Posted by Jonathan Middleton
Grade level: grad (science) School: Arizona State University
City: Tempe State/Province: AZ Country: USA
Area of science: Zoology
ID: 963095668.Zo

I do not study any area of biology, so please forgive me if my questions
are not asked properly.

I would like to know how the ratio of the age of sexual maturity
of a species with its average lifespan changes as you range over, say,
       1) all animals
       2) all plants
       3) all animals capable of reproducing only once
       4) all plants capable of reproducing only once       
       5) (any subset of living things for which this may be interesting)

For what nontrivial subsets of living things is it true that the
ratio is constant? Is this relationship (generally) indicative of 
any fundamental similarities between the species or their environments?

I am generally curious, so feel free to elaborate or deviate 
from the above in order to comment on anything related that you 
might find interesting. I would prefer, however, that your reply 
be as detailed as possible since i have a hard time understanding
what usually qualifies as a simplification. Any references to papers 
would be appreciated as well. 

Thanks for your time!

Re: how does ratio of age of sexual maturity / lifespan vary across species?

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