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Re: Monitor Distortion and EMF meters

Date: Fri Aug 4 11:32:23 2000
Posted By: Bob Novak, Other (pls. specify below), Sr Process Research Engineer, Carpenter Technology
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 955588398.Cs

Hi Noel,

I don't believe there is an answer that will work for every monitor.  Some 
brands are better shielded than others.  Older monitors may be more 
susceptable than newer models.  The distance from the source of the emf is 
also important.  Try moving the monitor further away from the source of 
the emf.  You might also check the monitor manufacturers web site for 
environmental specifications.  In some applications, we try different 
monitors until we find an accepable model. 

Bob Novak
Specialist -Process R&D
Carpenter Technology

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