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Re: How do you remove the lyrics from an mp3 song (setting -1)?

Date: Sun Aug 6 18:51:11 2000
Posted By: Justin Miller, Undergraduate, computer science, Geneva College
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 965525063.Cs

The quick answer is you can't, really.

The longer answer is this:  There are some mp3 players (i.e. Soritong) that 
allow you to play the mp3s in "Karaoke" mode.  All it really does is mute 
the "middle channel"-- the parts of the band that sound like they're coming 
from in between the two speakers.  Normally, the vocals reside there, and as a 
result you have a fairly decent "non-vocal" effect.  This works for some songs 
better than others, though.

Justin Miller
Geneva College

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