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Subject: BioMechanical Human alterations and New Brain waves?

Date: Fri Jul 28 01:48:15 2000
Posted by Robert Stacy
Grade level: 10-12 School: Servite High School..
City: Yorba Linda State/Province: CA Country: USA
Area of science: Anatomy
ID: 964763295.An

Hello, just a small question from a mad scientist in the making.  I decided 
to test out this site for one of my less thought about ideas.  It is about 
making waves in the human brain.  I am no biologist, but say i wanted to 
introduce something totally new to the human body.  I've seen some things 
on artificial limbs and organs..but those are all normal.  Say i wanted to 
attach something to my back (just for arguement) and gain control over it. 
 A simple object to bend at a muscles or such, mostly mechanical. 
 So, I would run a series of cloned (from my own body) nerve endings down 
from a neural receptor and down through the foreign device and all 
throughout it.  Obviously you would need nerve endings to consciously 
control something with your brain.  Now, i would also need to relay a 
series of electonic pulses from my brain to the device..where they would be 
picked up by receptors and move the mechanical parts.  But, the question 
mainly is.. how can you create new brain waves..there must be some 
feel things you havent ever felt before.. i hope you understand what i 
mean.  I would appreciate any help.  If i get some i might just share some 
other ideas..muahaha.

Re: BioMechanical Human alterations and New Brain waves?

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