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Re: Is it true that Windows 2000 is a multi processing operating system ?

Date: Sat Aug 12 09:30:44 2000
Posted By: Ben Saitz, VP, Ad Operations
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 965952878.Cs

Yes.  There are several versions of Win2000, from professional to data 
center, and they all support some level of multi-processors.  The lower 
versions can support at least 2 processors and the most robust allow up 
to, I believe 8 or 16 processors.  Still behind UNIX/Solars, etc, but new 
heights for windows.

The OS will support the multi-processing environment, but not necessary 
all applications will, so if one is going to deploy a server architecture 
with applications, you need to see what level of multi-processor support 
those applications offer.

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