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Re: JP-10 Fuel Composition and Properties

Date: Sat Aug 12 19:59:50 2000
Posted By: Michael L. Roginsky, Staff, Avionics, Honeywell Defense Avionics
Area of science: Chemistry
ID: 961625582.Ch

Hello Rogerio:

As you probably know JP is an acronym for Jet Propulsion, and there are several grades of JP ranging from 4 to 8. JP-4 is a high grade of kerosene, and as the numbers increase so does the viscosity. The JP-10 is a liquid propellant called DICYCLOPENTADIENE. It is used for propulsion systems of short-range missiles, often combined with other chemicals. If you look-up in the USAF inventory, JP10 is catalogued as "Jet Propellant 10 (standard missile fuel, MIL-P-87107)", most commonly used in cruise missiles as well as short-range missiles like the "Harpoon" air-to-ship missile carried by the S3-B ASW aircraft.

NASA's high velocity X-37 prototype uses JP-10 and hydrogen in the AR-2/3 engine. I also looked in the Internet but found very few sites with information. Here are some:
Fuel leak detection
Navy Harpoon
X37 facts
PMA-258 information
DCPD facts
DCPD use profile

Most fighter aircraft use JP-7 or JP-8 grade fuel.

I hope this brief explanation serves as a launch board.
Your MAD.SCI Micro.

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