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Re: effect of electro-magnetic field on digital transfer

Date: Sat Aug 12 21:16:49 2000
Posted By: Karl Kolbus, Staff, Data processing, Mequon Consulting Corp.
Area of science: Physics
ID: 965897860.Ph

Hi Marko!
An interesting question, but I'm like a wary fish - I'm not going to take 
the bait unless I know more about it, and know there's no hook buried 
inside the worm!

Seriously, while your question is a good one and I am tempted to answer it 
now, I would have to make many assumptions; which may be right or totally 
wrong. So, rather than do that, I'll ask you some pertinent questions:
1. What is the transmission medium - is it copper wire, fibre optic cable, 
R.F., microwave, or what?
2. What is the nature of the electromagnetic field - is it static 
Gaussian, dynamic Gaussian, light, R.F., x-ray, or what?
3. What is the relationship of the frequency(ies) of the data and the EMF -
 for example: is the data being transmitted at 1MBPS and the EMF occuring 
at only 100 Hz?.
4. What is the relative strength of the data as compared to the EMF - for 
example: data is +5V to 0V, and the EMF is .006W/cm2?

If you would like to e-submit your question with the answers to these 
questions, I'm sure they will route it back to me, or you could contact me 
directly at .

Looking forward to hearing back from you,

Your not-so-mad (or gullible!) scientist,

Karl Kolbus 

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