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Re: Windows programming with C++

Date: Sun Aug 13 23:46:17 2000
Posted By: Mike Westerfield, Staff, Computer Science, Byte Works, Inc.
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 966127962.Cs

Sure, you can use C++ to write programs for Windows. In fact, C and C++ are 
undoubtedly the most common choices. You could use other languages as well.

Methods for adding graphics and colors to your program are, however, the 
subject for a book, not a short reply. The techniques you use will depend on 
whether you are just drawing a simple graph, creating a full-blown desktop 
application, or taking over the entire display the way some games do.

If you are writing C++ programs on WIndows you probably have either 
Microsoft Visual C++ or Borland's C++ compiler. If you have the Microsoft 
product, a great place to start is the Scribble totorial, which comes with 
the package. It leads you through the basics of creating a Windows program, 
complete with a menu bar, windows, and dialogs. There is some information 
about drawing in color, but once you have the window open, you may want to 
branch out with some direct calls to drawing methods. They are described in 
the accomplanying documentation, too. You can bail out of the Scribble 
tutorial at any point, too. Once it has covered the aspects of Windows 
programming you need for your project, you can stop.

I assume the Borland C++ compiler comes with a similar tutorial.

Another alternative is a visit to your local library or bookstore. You'll 
find literally dozens of books devoted to Windows programming. Most are 
written for C++, although a small number use C, and a scattered few use 
other languages. The advantage to visiting a library or bookstore is that 
you will find books that are tailored to your particular interest, whether 
that's fractals, game programming, general Windows programming, or whatever. 
You can also browse through the books until you find one suitable for your 
background: The book that's perfect for a professional programmer switching 
to a new kind of programming is not, after all, the same book as the one 
targetted at a new programmer who is writing a Windows program for the first 

Good luck in your quest. Graphics programming is a lot of fun.

Mike Westerfield

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