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Subject: Conditions at CENTER of Earth's Core

Date: Thu Apr 27 00:37:01 2000
Posted by David Dressel
Grade level: nonaligned School: N/A
City: Minneapolis State/Province: MN Country: USA
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 956813821.Es

I get conflicting information as some sites, give data about the liquid 
core, or the outside of the solid core. But I'm looking for the exact 
center. What is the pressure? What is the Temperature? I understand that 
convection in the liquid core gives the earth a magnetic field, and that 
further from the source (on the crust) the field is weak, but it is 
stronger closer to the source. At its source what is the strength of the 
earth's magnetic field? What is the strength of the electric charge 
produced by the liquid core? The core is iron & either sulfur or oxygen. I 
assume that these elements are combined with iron in molecules, and that 
any pure oxygen or sulfur would have been forced from the core because it 
was less dense. If this is correct what compounds of sulfur, oxygen, iron 
would be there? Would one compound be rust? Are these elements different 
allotropes than above crust because of the conditions? Do they have 
different behaviors?

Re: Conditions at CENTER of Earth's Core

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