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Re: where can i find inquiry-based labs for high school students?

Date: Wed Aug 16 13:38:20 2000
Posted By: Steven Korenstein, Grad student, Environmental/Occupational Health, Cal. State Un. Northridge
Area of science: General Biology
ID: 966378338.Gb

I would recommend a magazine called the " American Biology Teacher".

You should be able to find it in any university library.  It has, in each issue, one or two good labs designed for high school 
students.  Usually they did not require a great deal of equipment and were fairly easy to set up.  

Good luck!

Steven Korenstein

Mad Scientist Moderator's additional notes: Also, here are a few sites on the web that provide ideas and resources for inquiry based labs in biology: Biology Labs On-line NCSA Biology Workbench More generally, here are some Inquire Based sites: The Inquiry Page Inquiry Based Labs (for chemistry - but a few are applicable to biology as well).

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