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Subject: Helium balloon release and animal safety?

Date: Mon Apr 3 12:26:04 2000
Posted by Pat
Grade level: grad (non-science) School: Fanshawe College/ Magnesium Industry
City: Strathroy State/Province: Ontario Country: Canada
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
ID: 954782764.En

We are having an open house in about two months and have had some concerns 
about releasing helium balloons into the air. My question is what has the 
environment said about this and is it an issue that is realy a concern? I 
have contacted the airport people about the release and the only thing 
they want to know is the time of the release to notify surrounding planes 
of the possible obsticals. I have been searching for the past four hours 
and have had no luck in finding anything about animal safety in this issue.
Thank you in advance for your support on this issue and look forward to 
your responce when possible.
Eng. Technician
Global Technology Center

Re: Helium balloon release and animal safety?

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