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Subject: Possible sources of errors of gas collection with displacement of water?

Date: Mon Aug 7 21:52:01 2000
Posted by Anderson Shum
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Area of science: Chemistry
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I was doing an Iodine Clock reaction experiment involving hydrogen 
peroxide and i wanted to know the hydrogen peroxide concentration at a 
certain point. So I connect a conical flask as the reaction chamber using a 
water bath and collect gas with a burette. However, the amount of gas found 
out doesn't resemble on repetitions, so i suspect there are some problems 
with pressure or other sources. About whether the temperature varies, I 'm 
not quite sure but since i did the experiment on the same day at room 
temperature, i think there shouldn't be a lot of variations(especially in 
an air conditioned room) If you have any queries, could u please send me 
e-mail and i can attach the experimental setup diagram to u?
Looking forward to yr reply.

Re: Possible sources of errors of gas collection with displacement of water?

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