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Subject: How dangerous is dumping nuclear waste in the sea?

Date: Fri Aug 18 02:57:47 2000
Posted by nekowav
Grade level: undergrad School: uc berkeley
City: berkeley State/Province: ca Country: usa
Area of science: Environment & Ecology
ID: 966581867.En

With all the recent news coverage about the sunk Russian nuclear sub, I 
read some articles about how Russia, in the past, routinely dumped nuclear 
waste into the sea. What upset me most was that nuclear waste was being 
irresponsibly dumped in areas where a lot of fishing goes on, like in the 
Sea of Japan. First, I was wondering if this has or will lead to a major 
health problem. Second, once the waste is dumped, is there any way to 
clean it up?

Re: How dangerous is dumping nuclear waste in the sea?

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