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Re: Which part of the Earth experiences the least change in seasons?

Date: Mon Aug 21 11:43:05 2000
Posted By: Jocelyn Wishart, Lecturer, Education, Loughborough University
Area of science: Earth Sciences
ID: 966543683.Es

I think you’re both right but it depends on what your teacher meant by “the least change in seasons”. Is it change in amount of light - the poles only change twice a year from dark winter to bright summer or change in temperature – the equator is hot all the year round and has only rainy and dry seasons rather then winter and summer?

To help you figure it out there is an animation on this page to explain how seasons are caused by two factors: the tilt of the Earth and its orbit around the sun.

Also there are lots of activities to help teach and understand seasons on this website – why not show it to your teacher?

Lastly I have also found this site which allows you to type in any date and time into the box marked UTC and see from a satellite where sunlight is falling on the Earth at that time. I really liked this one.

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