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Subject: How to recognise the stars

Date: Fri Aug 25 17:07:58 2000
Posted by Gemma Bilton
Grade level: 10-12 School: Rectory School
City: London State/Province: Middlesex Country: England
Area of science: Astronomy
ID: 967237678.As

i have been interested in astronomy for some time. i have a fairly strong 
set of binoculars and i love to look at the stars. i recently aquired a 
telescope and have found looking at the stars very interesting. However, 
despite having numerous maps and a planisphere i have a lot of trouble 
locating stars and especially planets. i live in London and as you can 
imagin the light pollution is very bad. i recognise only one constalation 
and that is Ursa Major. i believe, in the sky it should be very clear but 
because of the light pollution you can hardly see it with the nacked eye. 
lastnight i saw a very bright unflickering body i looked at it through my 
binoculars and it was distinguishingly large and round. i thought it may 
have been a planet however it was near Ursa Major so i thought it may have 
been Polaris. I know that stars flicker and planets dont but i am still 
unsure. Please tell me how i can be sure about what i'm looking at.   

Re: How to recognise the stars

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