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Subject: How do 2-110 volt (hot) wires complete a 220 volt circuit.

Date: Tue Aug 22 16:34:00 2000
Posted by Bob Burns
Grade level: grad School: I.C.S.
City: Malibu State/Province: Ca Country: USA
Area of science: Engineering
ID: 966976440.Eg

Dear Sir:
I know that 3 wires come into my house, a +120 volt, a -120 volt, both 180 
degrees out of phase, and a neutral wire.
One +120v wire and one -120v wire attach to the water heater that requires 
220 volts. The neutral wire is not attached. A protective ground wire is 
My question is how do two live, hot electrical wires form a circuit, that 
is necessary for moving energy through the heater coils and through the 
watt meter? Please explain the necessary "circular" path of the energy 
flow. Many thanks, Bob  

Re: How do 2-110 volt (hot) wires complete a 220 volt circuit.

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