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Subject: Cosmic ray power question

Date: Sun Aug 27 15:31:10 2000
Posted by Neil
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I have come across things like "cloud chambers" that when operated, you see 
a cloud-like form being periodically disturbed by impacts by cosmic rays 
that interact with the cloud.  By moving a magnet near it you can affect the 
path of the cosmic rays.  The books that I have read on cosmic rays tend to 
be vague about their quantity and energies.

My question is: Suppose you are at the equator, at sea level and you lab has 
one foot thick concrete walls and roof.  Suppose further that you have a 
"magic material" that is in the form of a 1 meter square flat sheet laying 
on the ground.  The "magic material" captures all cosmic rays, primary and 
secondary, that has an effective charge and reports the cumulative energy 
gathered in a second.  What would the average energy per second be reported 
by the material be in an average year?


Re: Cosmic ray power question

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