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Re: Can I have a redheaded child?

Date: Thu Aug 31 17:07:40 2000
Posted By: Evelyn Tsang, Research Assistant
Area of science: Genetics
ID: 967706776.Ge

Hello Jennifer!

Red hair inheritance is a common question here on Mad Sci. I looked around and 
just as you suspected, the genetics behind being a red-head is complex.  The 
general census is that both sides of the family need to have some history of 
red-hair. Below is a list of various comments on the genetics on red hair.  I 
hope they will help you to better understand your chances of having red-haired 
children... or grandchildren ;) 

From Carolyn Pettibone (general answer):890238897.Ge^
From Michael Onken (personal answer):828205743.Ge
From Neil Saunders (mathematical answer):958352577.Ge

Thanks for your question!

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