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Re: What programs run the file format - .raw and .mdi and .dig

Date: Sun Sep 3 07:36:01 2000
Posted By: Eric Maass, Director, semiconductors / communication products
Area of science: Computer Science
ID: 967415031.Cs

Thanks for your question, "What programs run the file format - .raw and .mdi and .dig?"

The .mdi format stands for Multiple Document Interface, and is used in the program 
Here is some more information about .mdi: 

"The .raw files  are raw signed PCM  sound  files.  PCM means Pulse Code Modulation  -  which  can be played  through  most 
sound devices without  further  manipulation. There is no  header or whatsoever. The properties include  8/16-bit  samples  in 
INTEL order,  stereo  or  mono format. "

Examples of sound programs that can use .raw files:
Sound Forge
MP3 Enc 3.1

.dig files are also sound files, 
used by Digilink an Sound Designer

Here is some more information on 
Sound Designer II
Review of Sound Designer
..and for Sound Sculptor II, which can use .dig files:
Sound Sculptor II

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