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Subject: Questions about Space Elevators

Date: Fri Aug 4 16:16:28 2000
Posted by Marta Cervera
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I am a member of a techno music Spanish band. Our new record will
include a CDROM track with information about the world where the songs
happen. In this world (it is like an alternative Earth) there is a Space
I have been reading information about this in different web pages, and
although I dont need to be too technical, I would like to describe at
least a "not-too-impossible-in-a-future" elevator. For this, I have four
important doubts :
1-   The best length of the cable :  from 35.800 (this is the most
frequent) km or 40.000 km or 144.000 km for geostationary orbit (which
one ?)
    2.- Would it be possible to use the properties of an electrodynamic
tether to give power to the elevator ? (the materials are not the
3.- Is it absolutely necessary that it were built in the ecuatorial
line, or this would make it just cheaper ? (I need to build it in the
north Hemisphere, even spending more money...)
4. - How much cargo could it lift every time (as much as possible... :-)

Best regards
Marta Cervera

Re: Questions about Space Elevators

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