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Re: Can the air temperatue in a football stadium reach 175 deg. F?

Date: Fri Sep 8 10:39:52 2000
Posted By: Andreas Kieron P. Bender, Grad student, Chemistry, Trinity College Dublin
Area of science: Physics
ID: 968265993.Ph

Good question actually!
I mean, you can survive temperatures like this in a sauna and you can do so for quite a while, and if you have 60000 people, each of them is burning 10 watts or so, you have 600kW as heating ...

but to be honest: I think they exaggerated a little bit. Of course it was hot, but I think it's difficult to reach those temperatures in reality. In theory it's no problem, but then you have to insulate that building, and in practice you "usually" open a window :)


[note added by MadSci Admin: It is also not clear if they were discussing the temperature in the stadium NEAR the field or if they were talking about the actual FIELD itself. If there were a full sun on the field in ambient temperatures of over 100 then the field SURFACE could actually reach very high temperatures.]

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